Flexible Power Cables

Lightweight and Flexible

Easy to Install

Resistant to Stresses

Range of Materials

PVC or LSZH sheathing

Long Service Life

Between 1-3 million cycles

Flexible power cable, also known within the industry as ‘continuous flex’, is designed to connect and power mains electrical appliances. As the name suggests, it is highly flexible, and as a result, is also extremely long-lasting; the flexibility of the cable means that there is less risk of damage and often easier to install within various domestic and household applications.

Often used for indoor general wiring in public or household areas, flexible power cable is usually insulated in PVC or LSZH sheathing to ensure flexibility and resilience. Our range of flexible power cables can be used in applications such as wiring fixtures connecting portable appliances and lamps, connecting fixed equipment, and data processing.

The benefits of flexible power cable include:

  • Resilient to damage from movement & pressure stresses
  • Long service life – between 1-3 million cycles
  • Low profile and narrow in width
  • Reliable and easy connection
  • Lightweight and flexible

Our range of flex power cable includes:

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Range of Materials

PVC or LSZH sheathing

Long Service Life

Between 1-3 million cycles

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Heat Resistant Flex

Our range of Heat Resistant Flex cables also known as 309-Y, Heat Flexes or H05’s under the Harmonized European Standard, are available in 3 and 4 core options with a white PVC sheath. Specifically designed for high temperature installations, Heat Flex cables are suitable for commercial and industrial applications such as commercial kitchens or heating applications, such as immersion or storage heaters. These flexible power cables are highly flexible for use in dry applications, where there is a low risk of mechanical stresses.

Heat Resistant Flex Application

Heat flex cables are used in commercial and industrial applications involving dry conditions or high heat.

Construction of Heat Flexes

  • Core sizes range from 0.75mm - 2.5mm
  • Available in 3 Core & 4 Core
  • White HR-PVC Sheath
  • Temperature range -20°C to +90°C
  • Fine Stranded Copper (Class 5) Conductors
  • 300V Rated

Mains Flex


Our range of 2182 and 2192 mains flexible cables, also known as H03’s under the Harmonized European Standard, are light duty, flat cables most commonly used in domestic and household applications. These cables are design for internal domestic and commercial office buildings. Available in white or black PVC sheaths they are suitable for low voltage applications under a low mechanical stress.


Our range of 318-B mains flex cables also known as H05’s under the Harmonized European Standard,  include, 3182B, 3183B, 3184B, 3185B, 3186B and 3187B variations. 3183-B are round, light weight and durable. Available in black or white PVC sheath options and primarily used within general internal domestic wiring applications, our range can support a varied number of low voltage applications such lighting and general power supply to household applications including appliances and office equipment. Ideally installed where the risk of mechanical stress is low.

Mains Flex Application

Standard mains flex cables are used for low voltage domestic wiring and household applications where the risk of mechanical stress is low.

Mains Flex Cable Construction

  • Core sizes from 0.75mm - 2.5mm
  • Stocked in 2 Core up to 7 Core.
  • White LSZH Sheath
  • Temperature range -40°C to +70°C
  • Fine Stranded Copper (Class 5) Conductors
  • 300/500V Rated

Arctic Flex Cable

Our range of 318-A arctic grade cables, also known as arctic flexible cable, are available in both yellow and blue sheath options and are insulated and sheathed in PVC. Our range of artic cables are designed to operate at temperatures as low as -25° Celsius and are cold bend tested to -40° Celsius. Designed for both internal and external applications and often used on building sites for temporary power supply, these flexible power cables are used in a range of other low voltage applications. As well as operating under medium mechanical stress, the PVC sheathing and insulation provide flexibility for a variety of low-temperature weather conditions. Arctic grade cables can be used in a variety of applications where low temperature environments play a factor in the operating of equipment. Our range of Artic flex is available in 3 core variants in 1.5mm and 2.5mm options and has a voltage rating of 300/500V. Our artic grade cables are not designed for outdoor use at voltages exceeding 110V.

Arctic Cable Application

Arctic grade flexible cables are used primarily in low-temperature situations and building sites to provide power supply where other cables may fall short.

Construction of Arctic Flex Cables

  • Available in 1.5mm & 2.5mm
  • PVC Sheath
  • Yellow or Blue Sheath Colours
  • Fine Stranded Copper (Class 5) Conductors
  • 300V Rated

Twin and Earth Cable

Our Twin and Earth cable, also known as 6242Y, or T&E, is a range of flat cables in a grey PVC sheath. This type of flexible power cable is commonly used within fixed wiring applications for domestic and commercial applications. Operating at a low voltage, for applications such as sockets and switches, Twin and Earth are usually installed within dry environments, where mechanical stress is minimal. As the name suggest, T&E is constructed with three conductors, a current pair both individually insulated and a single bare conductor, namely the earth.

Twin and Earth Cable Applications

Twin and Earth cables are commonly used in sockets and switches, or any projects that are relatively low voltage.

Construction of T&E Cables

  • Solid Copper Conductors
  • PVC Grey Outer Sheath
  • Flat for Easy Installation
  • 300/500V Rated
  • Stocked in 1.00mm, 1.50mm & 2.50mm
  • 100m drum length