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A long lasting solution for cable transportation

At Securi-Flex®, we understand the importance of proper cable handling equipment, to ensure optimal performance and durability of our products. 

Our unique range, Drum-Roll by Securi-Flex®, is our new and innovative range of cable handling equipment, that is set to transform the way cables, coils and conduit are managed and handled on-site. Our state-of-the-art Drum-Roll range has been designed and constructed with years of engineering expertise and is the result of our dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions to the electrical industry that make cable handling safer, quicker, and easier.

Alongside a full range of efficient and easily transportable cable drum rollers, we also offer drum handles, lifting jacks as well as components for cable reel repair.

With our range of large reel cable handling equipment, you can say goodbye to the time-consuming and often dangerous task of manual handling and transporting bulky and cumbersome cable drums, coils and conduit. Our innovative range has been designed to address these common challenges and is a must-have for any professional installer looking to enhance their productivity, safety, and overall efficiency. 

Built to the highest standards, our Drum-Roll range features premium materials and only the best manufacturing techniques. We are also able to supply cable routing to assist with keeping cable secure and in good condition. 

If you‘re looking for a secure, reliable, and efficient solution to handling and transporting cables on-site, look no further than the Drum-Roll by Securi-Flex®. Take a look at the range below. 

High Quality Materials

Manufactured using expert engineering


A long lasting solution for cable transportation

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Cable Drum Rollers

Our ORIGINAL cable drum roller is offered in three variations; standard, XL (extra wide) and XS (compact). These options allow you to effortlessly and efficiently handle cable drums of up to 1,200mm in diameter. This ensures that a wide range of market demands can be met, whilst maintaining ease and efficiency in cable drum handling. Our selection of cable drum rollers has been designed with user-friendly operation & safety in mind. They are manufactured using solid pressure casting and high-quality steel, making our drum rollers the most durable and functional in the market.

Cable Drum Roller Features and Benefits 

  • Anti-slip-on ramp to prevent cable slippage 
  • Stable rubber feet 
  • Ergonomic rounded edges 
  • Spring core axles for adjustment of reel bearing roller positions 
  • Maximum protection against dirt and corrosion 
  • Long lasting quality even in tough conditions 
Our cable drum rollers are designed to be versatile, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. All of our drum rollers are a maintenance-free and hassle-free way of organising your cable. In addition to this, we can also offer larger cable drum rollers in our RAIL and JUMBO options which are designed to handle even larger cable drums. Take a look at the range online today.

Drum Handles

In the Cable Handling industry, it is widely recognised that moving and transporting cable can be incredibly challenging due to their weight and bulky sizing. However, our CARRYGRIP Cable Drum Handling accessories provide a solution to this problem. These handles can simply be adjusted to the right drum size, quickly attached, and securely locked in place, allowing you and a colleague to transport up to 100kg in a safe and injury-free manner. Crafted from premium-quality materials and supplied in a pack of two, CARRYGRIP ensures safe, flexible and ergonomic Cable Drum Handling. 

Coil and Conduit Rollers

Whilst we offer a full range of cable drum rollers for standard cables, when it comes to handling conduit and coils, look no further than our CLOU and VARIO coil roller ranges for tangle-free unwinding. 

CLOU Coil Roller Features and Benefits 

Thanks to its innovative technology, the CLOU coil roller machine makes it possible to uncoil cable drums with diameters up to 750mm, eliminating any twisting or tangling issues!  The CLOU is available in standard, XL and SLIM variations for all size warehouses, the CLOU is foldable yet always ready for use, and offers unique accessories to enhance its functionality.  The CLOU UP provides optimum stability on bare floors, while the CLOU MOVE allows for quick changes of location. For coils that lack stable positioning, the CLOU FIX provides the perfect solution. Like all Drum-Roll products, the CLOU is designed to be maintenance-free and guarantees safety for both indoor and outdoor use. 

VARIO Coil Roller Features and Benefits 

The VARIO has been a popular name in the cable handing industry for nearly 40 years. This remarkable cable roller machine boasts a 300mm high core and a minimum diameter of 150mm. Through rigorous testing, it has proven to be exceptionally reliable and durable, making it the perfect choice of flexi coil rollers for both industrial and residential projects.  Browse the perfect option for your cables online today. 

Lifting Jacks

Our cable drum jack lifter packages contain two side parts, a drum axle and centring cones, creating the perfect kit for lifting and handling cable drums that can weigh up to six tonnes! The cable drum jack includes mounting blocks that boast floating bearings, and centring cone locks on the axle, ensuring stability and preventing tipping, while also providing smoother & quieter operation.  Once assembled, our MINILIFT, EASYLIFT and JUMOBLIFT cable drum jacks operate by simply pumping the hydraulic jack, and the drum will be lifted off the ground safely and securely – this will work for cable drums with a maximum diameter of 2.2m. The chassis design facilitates easy manoeuvrability, making these heavy-duty cable drum jacks a user-friendly and efficient solution for construction sites and various applications.  Browse the options online today and find the perfect size cable drum lifting jack to make your operations more efficient! 

Cable Routing

When conducting cable routing activities, especially delicate data cables, curves and height variations throughout the route might make pulling and routing cables more challenging. To address these difficulties, we have developed the FLEXIPASS internal cable routing kit. This portable, adaptable, and easy to use, ensures secure and accurate cable transfer around the corners and edges of any cable management trays thanks to its ergonomic design and smooth internal guide rollers. The FLEXIPASS kit contains three units and is packaged in a functional bag. Depending on the length of your cable run and the requirements of your system, additional FLEXIPASS devices can be added as and when required.

Features & Benefits of FLEXIPASS Cable Routing

With a focus on sensitive and specialised cable where routing can be difficult, our FLEXIPASS is a flexible cable routing system ideal for virtually any type of cable tray, built to handle cables up to a diameter of 38mm. The FLEXIPASS offers a sophisticated roller setup that enables frictionless and efficient cable routing throughout applications and construction sites.   The FLEXIPASS is remarkably lightweight, weighing only 0.75kg. It can be quickly and simply secured with the one-hand clamping mechanism, making it suited for use on light cable trays. Eliminating the need for heavy screws and connections, the rubberized clamping surfaces guarantee a firm hold, preventing sliding, tilting, and time spent on the job site. Simply insert the cable into the FLEXIPASS and fasten it in place for reliable and efficient cable routing. 

Cable Reel Repair

Due to issues when transporting or human error, cable drums can become damaged or provided by poor quality suppliers. You’ll never get that with Securi-Flex®, but in case you have any old or broken drums hanging around, we’ve got the perfect cable reel repair solution to enable you to use your broken drums once more.  Introducing CONTOUR, a two-piece cable repair set that is specifically designed to be used on drums weighing up to 200kg, with an outer diameter of up to 510mm. This lightweight, shock-proof moulding, with the simple lever mechanism providing a secure hold on any style of drum.  Operational safety is our top priority, and with our CONTOUR solution, installers can continue utilising their existing unwinding systems. With the CONTOUR, even damaged cable drums may be used easily on our tried-and-tested ORIGINAL system; all you need is a good idea, not a new cable drum.