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What is the Difference between Armoured Cable and Flexible Power Cable?

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When carrying data or conducting power in adverse conditions, it is critical to safeguard your cables to ensure safe and reliable operation. The most suitable cable for such conditions is the armoured cabling – it is mostly utilised in industrial applications, such as cable trays and raceways.

Armoured Cable

Armoured cables have a metal sheath that serves as the initial layer of protection. It is often composed of interlocking or continuous aluminium or stainless steel, although it can also be coated in smooth or corrugated metal tape. The majority of this type of cables are also fire resistant.



  • Armoured cabling has a metal wrap, usually made from stainless steel or aluminium, that is the first line of defence. The wrapping is interlocked or continuous. The armour protects the internal wires from moisture generated by hot weather, increased washdown, and cleaning solutions.
  • Electrical wires are designed to be exceptionally flexible and long-lasting. This type of wire can be flexed, stretched, and twisted as much as you like without causing harm. It is often commonly braided, or foil wrapped as opposed to armoured cabling.


  • Armoured cabling: Cable jacketing materials can shield the cables from harsh chemicals, oils, and sunlight.
  • Flexible cabling: For placing complicated constructions, a flexible wire is perfect. Even in the harshest environments, flexible cables assure high-quality performance. It would be advantageous to use a flexible cable wire in applications that need extreme bending and a wide range of motion.

Area of Application

  • Armoured: industrial applications – open locations such as electrical wires in factories, and carriers & raceways
  • Flexible power: any application that requires constant bending


As the name suggests, flexible power cables are extremely flexible. Although many cables are flexible, it is important to remember that not all of them fall into the flex-type cable category. For more detailed information, check out our overview of flexible power cables.

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