Coil and Conduit Rollers

Coil and Conduit Rollers

Whilst we offer a full range of cable drum rollers for standard cables, when it comes to handling conduit and coils, look no further than our CLOU and VARIO coil roller ranges for tangle-free unwinding. 

CLOU Coil Roller Features and Benefits 

Thanks to its innovative technology, the CLOU coil roller machine makes it possible to uncoil cable drums with diameters up to 750mm, eliminating any twisting or tangling issues! 

The CLOU is available in standard, XL and SLIM variations for all size warehouses, the CLOU is foldable yet always ready for use, and offers unique accessories to enhance its functionality. 

The CLOU UP provides optimum stability on bare floors, while the CLOU MOVE allows for quick changes of location. For coils that lack stable positioning, the CLOU FIX provides the perfect solution. Like all Drum-Roll products, the CLOU is designed to be maintenance-free and guarantees safety for both indoor and outdoor use. 

VARIO Coil Roller Features and Benefits 

The VARIO has been a popular name in the cable handing industry for nearly 40 years. This remarkable cable roller machine boasts a 300mm high core and a minimum diameter of 150mm. Through rigorous testing, it has proven to be exceptionally reliable and durable, making it the perfect choice of flexi coil rollers for both industrial and residential projects. 

Browse the perfect option for your cables online today. 

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