Cable Drum Rollers

Cable Drum Rollers

Our ORIGINAL cable drum roller is offered in three variations; standard, XL (extra wide) and XS (compact). These options allow you to effortlessly and efficiently handle cable drums of up to 1,200mm in diameter. This ensures that a wide range of market demands can be met, whilst maintaining ease and efficiency in cable drum handling.

Our selection of cable drum rollers has been designed with user-friendly operation & safety in mind. They are manufactured using solid pressure casting and high-quality steel, making our drum rollers the most durable and functional in the market.

Cable Drum Roller Features and Benefits 

  • Anti-slip-on ramp to prevent cable slippage 
  • Stable rubber feet 
  • Ergonomic rounded edges 
  • Spring core axles for adjustment of reel bearing roller positions 
  • Maximum protection against dirt and corrosion 
  • Long lasting quality even in tough conditions 

Our cable drum rollers are designed to be versatile, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. All of our drum rollers are a maintenance-free and hassle-free way of organising your cable.

In addition to this, we can also offer larger cable drum rollers in our RAIL and JUMBO options which are designed to handle even larger cable drums. Take a look at the range online today.

Bend Radius Calculator

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bend radius
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AWG Value
Area (mm) 4.8
Diameter (mm) 7.8


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