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What are the Different Types of Control Cable?

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If you’re looking for control cables, we know that some of the names and jargon surrounding them can be a little confusing. In this handy guide, we’ll take it back to basics and go over what the different types of control cables are.

There are a range of cables that can be used for control applications, but the main three types are YY Cables, CY Cables, and SY Cables. Their names are derived from codes used by CENELEC, the Comité Européen de Normalisation Électrotechnique (the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation).

YY Control Cables

Here’s a fun fact – all the ‘YY’ in YY Cable stands for is that the insulation and outer sheath material are PVC! Originally manufactured for measuring, controlling, and regulating control equipment in industrial applications, the YY cable is now also used in domestic applications with the rise of home automation systems.

YY cables generally feature a super-durable PVC outer sheath, so it can withstand harsh conditions. However, since YY cables are unshielded, they’re not recommended for applications where electromagnetic interference may be a concern.

YY cables also tend to be sold with Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) or Low Smoke & Fire (LSF) Sheath options, so that in the event of a fire the level of toxic substances released from the burning cable is reduced.

CY Control Cables

Similar to YY Cables, CY Cables are named as such because they feature a copper braided shield and a PVC outer sheath. Normally used in for applications that specifically require a low amount of electromagnetic interference, CY cables are generally supplied in variations for both internal and external use.

SY Control Cables

As above, SY Cables are named as such due to their steel wire braided shield and PVC outer sheath. Similar to CY cables, SY cables are often used in applications where electromagnetic interference is of particular concern.

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