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How do you Identify a Control Cable?

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Knowing the difference between the different types of cables is always important, especially if you’re working in an environment that comes into contact with all sorts of cable types.

In this guide, we’ll explain how and where you can spot control cables.

Features of Control Cables

Some control cables will require labelling that tells the user the cable number, cable type, and/or KKS (Kraftwerk Kennzeichen System) data.

However, if this information isn’t readily available on the cable, here are some ways you can differentiate a control cable from other cable types:

  • Either braided or foil interior screening – this layer of protection helps the cable to prevent electromagnetic interference, as well as crosstalk with other adjacent cables
  • PVC outer sheathing – the protective outer sheathing is ordinarily manufactured using sturdy PVC, although LSZH versions are also often available
  • Generally black or white in colour – control cables don’t tend to be coloured as they don’t follow any particular colour coding requirements

Where to Find Control Cables

Control cables can be found in all sorts of applications, but they’re mainly present in the following areas:

  • Assembly lines & production centres
  • Automated systems – both home automation and industrial automated systems
  • Robotic technology
  • Power distribution spheres

Control cables are quite versatile, as they can be run within a structure, underground within ducting, or in an exposed area.

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