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What is Fire Resistant Cable Used For?

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A protective sheath covers fire resistant cable, preventing the spread of flames while decreasing the quantity of smoke and harmful gases released in the case of combustion. As a result, heat resistant cable is commonly used in wiring installations that require insulation from high temperatures as well as good electromagnetic interference protection.

Fire Resistant (FR) – cables are made to keep crucial emergency services operating during a fire. They are perfect for:

  • Alarm circuits
  • Fire detection
  • Emergency lighting system

Where twisted pairs or metallic screen are not needed.

They have two categories:

  • Class A – can be in 950 ℃ ~ 1000 ℃ flame rated voltage to endure burning for a minimum of 90 minutes, with no breaks in the cable
  • Class B – can be in 750 ℃ ~ 800 ℃ flame rated voltage to endure burning for a minimum of 90 minutes, with no breaks in the cable

Mineral Insulated Cable

Mineral Insulated Cable (MICC) is utilised in sectors such as alarm circuits, emergency lights, and sprinkler systems to provide circuit integrity. MI cabling has high fire resistance capabilities and can function for an extended period at temperatures up to 250 °C, but it is also:

  • Explosion proof
  • High corrosion resistance
  • High current carrying capacity
  • Radiation resistance
  • Lightweight and smokeless
  • Long lifespan

Can a Fire Cable be Exposed?

To reduce the chance of mechanical damage, avoid putting fire cables in the same conduit as other utility wires. Extensive runs of fire alarm wires near high current power lines should be avoided wherever possible.

Fire Cable Should:

  • Be segregated from all other services.
  • Not share the same conduit.
  • Use a separate compartment if common trunking is used.
  • Avoid running alongside high current power lines.
  • Avoid running adjacent to lightning conductors.
  • Avoid electromagnetic interference from ‘extra low voltage (240V) circuits’.

What Voltage is Fire Cable?

A fire cable is one of the most common low voltage devices on the market today. They are often seen in various residential and business sectors.

A regular fire cable can be rated between 300V and 500V. Most modern fire alarm systems are measured at 24 volts.

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