Securi-Flex® Ltd’s Brand New Warehouse

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A Hub of Innovation and Efficiency

The team at Securi-Flex® Ltd are proud to announce the unveiling of our Brand New Warehouse and Offices!

We have recently acquired a state-of-the-art 25,000 square ft. warehouse, committed to delivering exceptional service and to continually improve stock levels for both existing and new customers.


Enhanced Capacity

The main focus of our new Warehouse is the enhanced storage capacity it brings to Securi-Flex® Ltd.

With an expanded space of 25,000 square feet, we can now accommodate a much greater volume of products.

Securi-Flex® Ltd is now well-equipped to scale our operations efficiently and meet the increasing demands of our customers.


Streamlined Operations

Securi-Flex® Ltd’s mission centres around efficiency, and we’ve designed our new warehouse with this principle in mind.

We have optimised the layout by installing cable racking to streamline operations and reduce lead times.


Collaborative Environment

Collaboration and teamwork are at the heart of Securi-Flex® Ltd’s values.

Improved office spaces and facilities promote creativity, knowledge sharing, and enhanced collaboration among the #TeamSFX members.


In Summary

The acquisition of the new warehouse marks an exciting chapter in the Securi-Flex® Ltd story.

As Securi-Flex® Ltd continues to evolve, customers can expect even greater products and services.

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