Securi-Flex® has achieved Gold Standard Product Data!

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📢 Exciting News!! 📢

We are delighted to share some positive developments in our ongoing efforts to enhance the quality of our product data.

Securi-flex® Ltd has accomplished the Gold Quality standard in the electrical industry data pool known as EDATA.

This achievement represents a significant milestone in our pursuit of ensuring our customers have the best quality data available to them.

A few noteworthy features & benefits of this recent achievement include;

  • The comprehensive inclusion of Securi-Flex® Ltd’s entire cable range. Around 1000 cable products with improved data are now available in the EDATA database.

The incorporation of all cable categories, spanning an extensive range that includes;


Each part code now encompasses a multitude of product features, such as CGI images, product descriptions, marketing attributes, and technical specifications.

These additions intend to strengthen both in-branch and digital sales channels, thus providing comprehensive support.

It is important to underscore the significance of good data quality. It functions as a silent sales team, driving business success.

To earn the Gold Quality Standard, most products in the EDATA platform must meet specific basic criteria.

  • Key master data fields, including essential information such as short and long descriptions, marketing bullets, and GTIN codes.
  • We ensure that we effectively populate relevant ETIM features in the ETIM classification.
  • Inclusion of product images.

The team at Securi-Flex® Ltd remain dedicated to consistently improving and enhancing the quality of our product data.

This milestone serves as a significant stepping stone in our continued support to our customers in achieving high quality data.

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