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Enhancing Cable Routing Efficiency with FLEXIPASS

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Cable routing can be a challenging task, particularly when dealing with delicate data cables, tight curves, and varying heights.

FLEXIPASS internal cable routing kit by Drum-Roll, ensures secure and precise cable transfer.

Our portable, versatile, and user-friendly device revolutionises cable routing, due to its’ ergonomic design and smooth guide rollers.

In this article, we will look at the features and benefits of the FLEXIPASS cable routing system.


Features & Benefits of FLEXIPASS Cable Routing:

  • FLEXIPASS is a flexible cable routing system, suitable for a wide range of cable trays.
  • FLEXIPASS addresses the challenges of routing sensitive and specialist cables.
  • It accommodates a variety of cable types, making it an ideal solution for virtually any cable routing task.


Efficient Roller Setup:

  • One of the features of FLEXIPASS is its’ sophisticated roller setup.
  • This configuration ensures frictionless and efficient cable routing, even in complex applications and construction sites.
  • The smooth movement of cables minimises the risk of damage and kinks during the routing process.


Lightweight and User-Friendly:

  • Weighing in at just 0.75kg, FLEXIPASS is remarkably lightweight.
  • Its’ one-hand clamping mechanism allows for quick and easy installation.
  • This innovative mechanism eliminates the need for heavy screws and connectors, simplifying the installation process.


Secure Clamping:

  • The rubberised clamping surface of the FLEXIPASS provides a secure and firm hold on the cable.
  • This feature prevents sliding and tilting during the routing process.
  • This not only enhances efficiency, but also saves valuable time on the job site.


Easy Cable Insertion:

  • Simply insert the cable into the FLEXIPASS device and fasten it in place.
  • This straightforward process ensures reliable and efficient cable routing.


How to Do Internal Cable Routing:

Internal cable routing is tricky, especially when cables need to navigate through tight spaces and corners within a building.

FLEXIPASS offers a high quality practical solution for this scenario.

By feeding cables through the FLEXIPASS, you can navigate them through internal pathways, ensuring a secure and efficient route.


How to Route a Cable Through a Wall:

Routing a cable through a wall is a common requirement in many installations.

FLEXIPASS simplifies this task. Simply feed the cable through the FLEXIPASS and guide it through the designated hole in the wall.

The device’s clamp ensures the cable remains in place during the process, and the lightweight design makes it easy to handle in confined spaces.


In Summary:

FLEXIPASS offers a versatile and efficient solution for installing cables, addressing the challenges associated with sensitive and specialty cables.

Whether it’s for running cables internally, or to route cables through walls, FLEXIPASS simplifies the process.

FLEXIPASS ensures secure and reliable cable routing in various scenarios.

Its’ user-friendly design and lightweight construction make it a valuable tool for use on installations and on site.

If you have more questions, feel free to contact our friendly team. We’re always happy to help!

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