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Can Coaxial Cables be Used for Power?

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Coaxial Cables are most commonly used for video applications, such as television and CCTV. However, because they’re constructed specifically to be protected against signal loss, they can be used for other applications too.

In this guide, we’ll help you to understand the types of cables that can be used for power.

Can I Use A Coaxial Cable for Power?

While coaxial cables are most often used for carrying video signals, you might be surprised to learn that it’s a common practice in the engineering industry to also use them to power small-scale electronics. Coaxial cables feature high-quality shielding and insulation to ensure a reduction in signal loss outside the cable, so can be an ideal choice if you’re particularly concerned about signal loss.

However, the reason why this isn’t standard practice is because coaxial cables can be more expensive than other cables that can be used in the same application.

There are also coaxial cables that feature a shotgun style construction, meaning that there are two connected cables sold as a pair. One cable is an RG cable, and the other is a power cable – this way, if you’re looking to power a video system, one cable will power the video system, and the other will carry the video signal.

What Other Cables Can Be Used for Power?

The types of cable that are ordinarily used for power are simply referred to as power cables. They are used to transmit electrical power from one location to another.

There are a few different types of power cables – to view our helpful guide on the types of power cable, click here.

If you’re looking for a power cable for an application where it’ll be moved around once installed, we recommend Flexible Power Cables. These are constructed specifically to withstand the daily wear and tear that a cable undergoes if constantly flexed or moved around; for example, a regular Power Cable may experience breaks in the shielding, insulation, or even the sheathing if flexed too much.

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