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Ensuring Safe and Compliant Electrical Installations

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CPR and BS6701:2016+A1:2017

Construction Products Regulations (CPR):

The Construction Industry has witnessed significant advancements in electrical systems and technology. This in turn has led to safer and more efficient electrical installations.

Various standards and regulations govern these advancements in the United Kingdom and across the European Union.

Two crucial standards that play a pivotal role in ensuring electrical safety and compliance are:


What is CPR?

CPR, or the Construction Products Regulation, is a European Union (EU) Regulation that came into effect in 2011.

The primary purpose of CPR is to harmonise the performance requirements for Construction Products, including cables, within the EU Member States.

CPR Categorises Construction Products into different classes based on their performance characteristics. This Classification helps ensure that products meet specific safety and performance standards.


Application to Cable Types:

One of the most critical applications of CPR is in the Classification and regulation of cables used in buildings and infrastructure.

CPR sets clear requirements for fire safety and reaction to the fire performance of cables.


Key Elements of CPR for Cables:

  • Cable Classification – CPR classifies cables based on fire performance. These classes range from Aca (the highest level of fire safety) to Fca (the lowest). The Classification depends on criteria such as heat release, flame spread, and smoke production
  • CE Marking – Cables that comply with CPR must carry the CE Marking. This indicates that the product meets required standards and is safe for use in Construction
  • Declaration of Performance (DoP) – Manufacturers have an obligation to furnish a Declaration of Performance (DoP) for their cables. A DoP details essential information such as Product Classification, intended use, and fire performance characteristics


What is BS6701:2016+A1:2017?

British Standard BS6701:2016+A1:2017 is the UK standard that provides recommendations and requirements for telecommunications cabling infrastructure within buildings:

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Testing
  • Maintenance

While it primarily focuses on telecommunications cabling, it also addresses key aspects of electrical safety in relation to cabling installations.


Key Elements of BS6701:2016+A1:2017 Structured Cabling:

The standard highlights the significance of structured cabling systems by stressing the need for organised, documented, and maintainable cabling installations.

Safety: BS6701:2016+A1:2017 includes safety requirements for cabling installations to reduce the risk of electrical hazards.

This includes proper grounding, bonding, and protection against overcurrent.

Compliance: Compliance with this standard is critical for telecommunications cabling installations, as it ensures network performance, reliability, and safety.


The Intersection of CPR and BS6701:2016+A1:2017

While CPR and BS6701:2016+A1:2017 primarily address different aspects of construction products and installations.

Cables used for data and telecommunications transmission are subject to:

  • CPR Classification for fire safety
  • BS6701:2016+A1:2017 for structured cabling requirements

In the construction industry, electrical and cabling installations play a vital role in ensuring safety, efficiency, and performance. CPR and BS6701:2016+A1:2017 are integral standards that guide the design, installation, and maintenance of cables and cabling infrastructure.

Compliance with these standards is a legal requirement, and a crucial step in ensuring the safety and reliability of electrical and telecommunications systems.

As technology continues to advance, staying up-to-date with these standards becomes increasingly important in the construction industry.


In Summary:

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