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Cat5E UTP Data Cable | Data Cable Supplies
Product Code: SFX/C5-UTP-PE-BLK
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4 Pair, 24 AWG, solid bare copper wires with a differing and precise number of twists per metre to reduce crosstalk between two pairs. HDPE insulation. Overall PVC, LSZH or PE Jacket.

Cat 5e is not limited to just 4 pairs; Backbone applications can involve using multi-pair versions which are all available from stock.

Cat 5e is also available in stranded form, solid being the more cost effective and the most widely used.

Note: The maximum installation for Cat 5e UTP SWA is 60m.

Technical Information
Performing to frequencies up to 100 MHz
Temperature Range -40°C to +70°C
Minimum Bend Radius 8 x Cable Diameter
Conductor Bare Copper
Insulation HDPE
Impedance 100 Ohm
SFX Part Code Pairs Colours O/D Sheath Type Available Drum Sizes
SFX/C5-UTP-PVC-GRY 4 x 2 x 24AWG Grey 5.5 PVC 100, 305 Metres
SFX/C5-UTP-LSZH 4 x 2 x 24AWG Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, White, Yellow 5.5 LSZH 305 Metres
(Purple also 100 and 1000 metres)
SFX/C5-UTP-PE-BLK 4 x 2 x 24AWG Black 5.5 PE Duct 50, 100, 305, Per Metre (x50m)
SFX/C5-UTP-PE-BLK-300 4 x 2 x 24AWG Black 5.5 PE Duct - Wooden Reel 300 Metres
SFX/C5-UTP-DB-BLK 4 x 2 x 24AWG Black 5.8 HDPE + PP 50, 100, Per Metre (x50m)
SFX/C5-UTP-SWA 4 x 2 x 24AWG Black 12 LSZH/PE 50, 100, Per Metre (x50m)
SFX/C5-UTP-FIRE-LSZH-RED 4 x 2 x 24AWG Red 5.5 LSZH Per Metre (x50m)