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Cat5E FTP Data Cable | Data Cable Supplies
Product Code: SFX/C5-FTP-PVC - Grey
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4 Pair, 24 AWG, solid bare copper wires with a differing and precise number of twists per metre to reduce crosstalk between two pairs. HDPE insulation. Overall (AL-PET) foil screen.PVC, LSZH or PE Jacket.

Screened versions are used where proximity to RF equiptment may produce electromagnetic interference. It is also used as a security measure should eavesdropping be apparent.

There are various screening options available dependany on enviroment and application. Please see table below.

Type Description
F/UTP  Screened foil outer
S/FTP  Screened, braided outer with individual screened foil twisted pairs
SF/UTP  Screened, braided and foil outer with unscreened twisted pairs
U/FTP  Unscreened outer with individual screened foil twisted pairs
F/FTP  Screened foil outer with individual screened foil twisted pairs

The most common is FTP (Foil Screened Twisted Pairs) which is available from stock.
SFX Part Code Pairs Sheath Type Colours O/D Available Drum Sizes
SFX/C5-FTP-PVC-GRY 4 x 2 x 24 AWG PVC Grey 6 305 Metres
SFX/C5-FTP-LSZH-PUR 4 x 2 x 24 AWG LSZH Purple 6 305 Metres
SFX/C5-FTP-PE-BLK 4 x 2 x 24 AWG PE Duct Black 6 305, Per Metre