SY Cable

SY Cable

SY cable, also known as armoured flex, shielded flex or armoured control cable are commonly used in industrial applications where flexibility, strength or harsh environments affect installation. Often under mechanical stresses, these control cables are used to connect control and mechanical applications where flexibility and movement is required. Our SY control flex (often referred to as multi core flex), is constructed with copper conductors, a galvanised steel wire braid for mechanical protection, and transparent PVC sheath.

SY cables, although predominantly used for internal applications, can be used externally if installed within a conduit to protect it from ultraviolet light.

SY Cable Application

Designed for use in control, signalling, protection, and measurement systems predominantly within industrial computer programming applications.

Construction of SY Control Cables

  • Conductor – 1.5 Mil – 6.0 Mil available
  • Cores – 3, 4, 5, & 7 core options available
  • Numbered core labelling
  • Sheath material – PVC
  • Colour – Transparent
  • 500m drums available for cut to length requirements
  • ECA CPR rated

Bend Radius Calculator

AWG Converter

bend radius
The bend radius is mm
AWG Value
Area (mm) 4.8
Diameter (mm) 7.8


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