Enhanced Fire Cables

Enhanced Fire Cables

Available Colours:

Enhanced fire alarm cable has a 120-minute duration of survival, allowing essential systems to continue to operate as normal throughout this duration in the event of a fire. The LSZH sheath also minimises risk to evacuees and emergency crews, emitting a minimal amount of smoke and no harmful gases.

Enhanced Fire Cable Application

Our enhanced fire rated cable can be used for fire alarms, fire detection systems, emergency voice communication systems, and emergency lighting circuits.

Construction of Enhanced Fire Alarm Cables

Manufactured to BS 7629-1 and LPCB approved, these fire cables feature the following construction:

  • Conductor – Solid or stranded plain annealed copper wire
  • Insulation – Mica tape, covered by extruded LSZH
  • Sheath – LSZH
  • Core colours – Brown and blue (2 core) or brown, black, grey, and blue (4 core)
  • Sheath colours – Red or white

Bend Radius Calculator

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bend radius
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AWG Value
Area (mm) 4.8
Diameter (mm) 7.8


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