Cable Routing

Cable Routing

When conducting cable routing activities, especially delicate data cables, curves and height variations throughout the route might make pulling and routing cables more challenging. To address these difficulties, we have developed the FLEXIPASS internal cable routing kit. This portable, adaptable, and easy to use, ensures secure and accurate cable transfer around the corners and edges of any cable management trays thanks to its ergonomic design and smooth internal guide rollers. The FLEXIPASS kit contains three units and is packaged in a functional bag. Depending on the length of your cable run and the requirements of your system, additional FLEXIPASS devices can be added as and when required.

Features & Benefits of FLEXIPASS Cable Routing

With a focus on sensitive and specialised cable where routing can be difficult, our FLEXIPASS is a flexible cable routing system ideal for virtually any type of cable tray, built to handle cables up to a diameter of 38mm. The FLEXIPASS offers a sophisticated roller setup that enables frictionless and efficient cable routing throughout applications and construction sites.  

The FLEXIPASS is remarkably lightweight, weighing only 0.75kg. It can be quickly and simply secured with the one-hand clamping mechanism, making it suited for use on light cable trays. Eliminating the need for heavy screws and connections, the rubberized clamping surfaces guarantee a firm hold, preventing sliding, tilting, and time spent on the job site. Simply insert the cable into the FLEXIPASS and fasten it in place for reliable and efficient cable routing. 

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