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‘Why we love working in the electrical sector’ – International Women’s Day 2020

International Women’s Day 2020 takes place on 8thMarch. It’s no secret the electrical industry (like engineering, construction and STEM roles, to name but a few) can be male dominated. In celebration of International Women’s Day, we’re interviewing two valued members of the Securi-Flex team Holly and Laura to find out more about their roles and encouraging women to join the industry…

Hi Laura & Holly! How did you get into the electrical sector?

Laura: It was my Dad and brother who influenced me to work in the electrical sector. After leaving school and having a few temporary jobs, nothing stuck. I started nine years ago working in admin and have grown with Securi-Flex, and I’m now the Sales Manager.

Holly: Similar to Laura, my Dad worked in the electrical sector so it was always an industry I would have considered. I joined the Securi-Flex team five years ago and have gained much experience during that time. I started in internal sales which then progressed to field sales. I then went on to my present role as National Sales Coordinator.

What do you enjoy most about working in the electrical sector?

Laura: We’re lucky to have great customers who we’ve built longstanding relationships with. I love providing great customer service, and instilling confidence in our customers when they are buying from Securi-Flex. I also have a great team and we’re constantly pushing for the next level; without all of them, there wouldn’t be Securi-Flex.

Holly: I enjoy how varied my day-to-day role can be. I have the privilege of meeting with a diverse client base all over the country, and I’m very lucky to have such wonderful customers that I have a great working relationship with. I not only have colleagues and customers but friends too.

It’s very rewarding to be able to support customers when they seek advice and going that extra mile to help more than they may expect does put a smile on my face. I love seeing them look surprised.

What do you like the least about working in the electrical sector?

Laura: In any industry there is healthy competition, however my only gripe would be when other companies don’t educate or help customers and don’t quote like for like products.

Holly: The variation in cable qualities vs price. There are some very budget cabling types that float around the market and when they do, it drives down pricing and devalues the true products. We often come up against this as we have a high-quality offering but we’re here to advise customers correctly and offer to test the alternative product to be certain. Every time when tested, it’s not like-for-like and poor quality. Securi-Flex won’t compromise on quality so like the old saying goes…buy cheap, buy twice, or just stick to good quality cabling like our SFX brand, which comes with a 25-year guarantee!

What do you think would encourage more women to join the sector?

Laura & Holly: There isn’t an easy answer for this one, but offering flexibility and companies encouraging more female role models would help. What we mean by this is nurturing staff who are women into leadership roles. Not only will having women in your sales team be better for your bottom line, but it will also help you connect better with your customers. Recently on a post on LinkedIn it was suggested that women represent 39% of the workforce in sales and it’s only increased by 3% in the last decade so this could be improved!

A lot of sales job descriptions use traditionally ‘masculine’ language for sales roles like ‘hunter’ ‘aggressive’ ‘competitive’ which sometimes can be off putting for women.

Do you think there are good opportunities for women for career progression?

Laura: I certainly think they’ve got better; however, I do feel women are proactively pursuing their career goals by negotiating what they want and need. We seek out experiences that are critical to advancing our careers.

Holly: I think there are still some challenges to overcome the stereotyping that can pervade a culture of women in the electrical sector, particularly within a formerly male dominated industry. However, attracting and retaining a more diverse workforce will maximize innovation, creativity and competitiveness. I hope with this in mind women have equal opportunity for progression.

Have you met other women working in the sector?

Laura & Holly: Yes, and we’ve found they always know what they are selling/purchasing, which we don’t think a lot of people expect. We think naturally as women we like to know the ins and outs of what we’re doing, and this is certainly a trait we bring into the working world.

What reaction do you get from your peers to working in the electrical sector?

Laura & Holly: We certainly have to go into depth about what we do, but that makes it more interesting!

You can contact Laura and Holly to discuss your cable requirements here today!

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