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Securi-Flex joins EDATA: Creating a digital future for the electrical sector

We are pleased to announce that Securi-Flex has joined EDATA! We are already proud affiliated members of the EDA (Electrical Distributors Association) and have also now joined the ‘by industry for industry data pool’ founded by the EDA. EDATA is an industry owned and funded resource which aims to ensure quality, digitally friendly product data. The data can also be used by electrical wholesalers on their websites and other online entities.

EDATA aims to ensure that all technical information is accurate as it comes directly from manufacturers. Securi-Flex is the first cable manufacturer to join EDATA.

Creating transparency and accuracy in electrical wholesale product data

EDATA ensures technical data is compliant with International ETIM standards. The product data is owned by manufacturers, ensuring credibility and accuracy. The information can be amended quickly minimising the opportunity for errors. To ensure optimum accuracy and quality, data verified through EDATA is independently monitored for best practice.

The benefits of EDATA are plentiful. The initiative aims to make the jobs of electrical wholesalers simpler and the process of obtaining information smoother. EDATA works by acting as a middle ground between manufacturers and wholesalers. The pros for wholesalers include reducing time in acquiring data, data accuracy which can help with problem solving and minimising errors, and the faster onboarding of new ranges and products, saving valuable time. The aim is to improve the overall experience, negating delays and the expense and time loss caused by potential returns. By making this process more efficient, wholesalers can reduce purchasing times by searching for the information they may need and the costs associated with the process. They can trust the ‘single source of truth’ that EDATA provides.

Digitisation and driving the electrical sector forward

At Securi-Flex we are passionate about helping to drive the electrical sector forward. The EDATA mission is ‘To facilitate digitalisation of the UK electrotechnical sector bringing tangible benefits for all members of the supply chain. This will be achieved by the creation, management, and transfer of accurate, consistent, high quality product data with ETIM at its heart.’

How does EDATA work? Data is imported to EDATA which provides access control, web interface, data verification and security and permissions. Wholesalers can then utilise this data in their CRMs or online platforms. EDATA comprises three categories of product data. These include manufacturer master data, digital assets and technical attributes.

Stuart Taylor of Securi-Flex says “Due to an increase in demand for accurate and consistent digital data from UK electrotechnical wholesalers, joining EDATA enables us to contribute to this valuable resource. EDATA is independently monitored to ensure the all-important quality of data is maintained.

“We look forward to supporting the mission to digitalise the UK’s electrotechnical sector as it will deliver tangible benefits across the supply chain."

To find out more about EDATA and Securi-Flex, please contact our cable experts or speak to your dedicated Account Manager for further information.

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