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Covid-19 and the electrical sector – where are we at?

Covid-19 and the electrical sector – where are we at?

As UK lockdown restrictions continue to lift and the electrical sector returns to the ‘new normal’, predictions for the future of the industry are rife. At Securiflex, like many we now have a full team back on board after operating with a smaller team during lockdown. It’s been great to see so many of our customers and industry connections back working and proving the electrical sector is resilient in the face of adversity. So where are we at now?

Coronavirus and electricity supply

As this recent article suggests, the coronavirus crisis has reinforced the importance of electricity in our everyday lives. Crucial components of healthcare are reliant on the sector to provide life saving care and keep ventilators working. The same goes for most industries including those working from home during lockdown. Even something as simple as your Friday night family Zoom quiz (of which we had many!) would not have been possible without a steady supply of electricity. During lockdown, electrical wholesalers were classified as essential businesses, providing cables, sockets and other important items to hospitals and other key workers.

During the lockdown period the Securiflex team noticed an increase in demand for:

· Cat5e & Cat6, in particular the PE external grade.

· OFB1 LSF & LSZH (Belden Equiv 9841)

· SFX/100-CAI-PVC & SFX/100-CAI-TWIN-LSZH (to name just a few)

We served our Wholesaler’s whose customers were doing critical work such as temporary morgue installations and urgent pop-up hospital wards. In addition, cabling jobs for much needed housing projects. We continued our prompt next day delivery service throughout and even had the occasional same day emergency shipments and collections. We are fortunate that while many other stockists have experienced a shortage in supply for several items, we were able to secure stock prior to the lockdown meaning we have the in-demand items, such as the above ready to be shipped. Please get in touch with us if you need a specific item and we will do our best to help.

The ‘new normal’ – Covid-19 and the electrical sector

Whilst we all navigate being ‘back to work’ and what this means for many of the things the industry took for granted, such as events and networking. No one knows what the future holds. There are many predictions for the economy’s recovery following the news the UK is now in a recession. Research from May this year suggests that 89 percent of members of the Lighting Industry Association said their business remained open in some form during the UK lockdown period. The average capacity of running for these businesses was 45 percent – less than half of the usual capacity. While early outlooks on recovery for some industries seem positive, there are sub sectors of industries where growth will be slower. Predictions from the Atkins report suggest that infrastructure work will only fully recover by the end of next year despite construction work picking up.

For those in the electrical sector starting to return to offices and places of work and guidance is available for those in the industry on the ECA’s ( electrical contracting association) website. Industries such as construction have picked up recently, and we’ve definitely seen an increase in demand from across the entire Electrical Wholesale network.

Looking to the future – coronavirus and the electrical industry

So, what is in store for the future of Covid-19 and the electrical sector? Building giants Mace are reported to feel that a potential second wave of the coronavirus would have less impact on construction than the first. Given that the electrical sector is one reliant on a number of areas including construction, this is encouraging.

An article from Electrical Contracting News suggests the crisis could inspire businesses to go greener. There is no doubt companies will need to diversify, adapt and enter new markets to ride out the current financial situation.

At Securiflex we are continuing to roll with the times and are proud of our proactive and adaptive workforce. We’re keeping in touch with our loyal customers and helping those we work with as much as we can. If there’s anything we can do to help you, whether it be sourcing some stock, help with an issue you may have or putting you in touch with someone who can help then please contact us, we’re here and happy to support you.

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