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Ask Holly: What are the different types of speaker cable and which do Securi-Flex stock?

Speaker cable or audio cable as it is otherwise known is a popular cable type used for audio applications. Speaker cable facilitates the connection between devices and amplifiers. Speaker wire is comprised of multiple electrical conductors. These conductors allow for sound to be transported through the cable.

What to look for in a speaker cable supplier

As with any cable, it is important to choose a durable, high quality design. This is especially crucial with speaker cables – we are all familiar with the impact poor sound has on your favourite song or audio. A good speaker cable should produce clear, consistent sound. Cable for audio could also be HDMI or coaxial audio digital cable.

We are often asked “what is the best budget speaker cable?” This is usually our budget 13, 42 and 79 strand speaker range, but as with any cable it is worth considering how long a cable will last. A cheaper cable may end up costing you more in the long run as you may need to replace it. You may also decide to upgrade for better sound further down the line. However, the budget range is still popular as it’s ideal for low grade, temporary or small domestic installs.

A good speaker cable supplier will also provide a range of quality speaker cables that suit a variety of budgets. At Securi-Flex, we know the importance of options and finding the right audio cable for your project. Our professional speaker cable range is also available for large scale sound systems.

Types of speaker cable: The Securi-Flex speaker cable guide

How do you choose the right speaker cable for your needs? At Securi-Flex you can be rest assured our entire speaker cable range is high quality and long lasting for optimum performance. You can view our audio cabling flyer for the full range, but some of the cables we stock include the following which are often used in high end commercial installations and home automation:

We also stock a range of cables often chosen for commercial speaker projects or professional high-end speakers. These include:

What are the benefits of getting speaker cable from Securi-Flex for wholesalers and distributors?

We pride ourselves on providing a wide range of speaker cables. We are dedicated to wholesale and helping our electrical distributors sell the SFX brand to their customers. We aim to not only provide you with reliant speaker cable supply, but also to be knowledgeable in helping your clients get the best SFX cables for their needs.

Throughout the shipping crisis, Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic we have remained well stocked. While many stockists have experienced shortages, we have kept supply steady – this is one of our priorities and commitments to the wholesaler.

At Securi-Flex, you will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager for all of your speaker cable and other cabling needs! We also offer wholesalers the opportunity to open an account with us for flexible payments and easy ordering. We know time and convenience are important, so we’ll aim to get new electrical distributors and wholesalers approved within an hour of receipt. Although we endeavour to offer a next day service, this can’t be guaranteed at the moment. Please kindly allow 1-2 days.

To find out more about the SFX speaker cable range, click on our flyer or contact your Account Manager. New customers can enquire about Securi-Flex cables here.

Download our speaker range flyer below.

Speaker Range Flyer February 2021
Download PDF • 271KB

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