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Securiflex custom cable supplies

Custom Cable Design & Manufacture


If you have a specific cable requirement then talk to us and we will simply make it for you. Anything is possible and the lead times can be as short as two weeks should the need arise.
Generally there are MOQ's for this type of service as there are tooling costs involved, however if you only have a small requirement speak to us as there are options available.

Armouring & Braiding


To add extra protection to cables we can offer an Over- Armouring / Braiding service to include:
External Options:

The SWA being the more robust of the two, however the GSWB provides more flexibility.



Standard cables that are required to be installed in harsh or sensitive environments that they were not originally designed for can be Over- Sheathed. Alternately should you require a specific colour then this service is also available to you.

External options can include:

Internal Options:

Innovation R&D


Because innovation is one of the prime drivers of long-term productivity, Securiflex has built a strong research and development network to meet you r expectations.