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Construction Products Regulations (CPR) Notification

All cables that Securiflex have imported from the 1st July will be CPR compliant and carry the relevant identification labels.

As per CPR regulations there is no time constraint to sell any existing stock that was imported prior to the 1st July. Therefore, it is likely you will continue to receive cables without CPR labelling for a short period of time whilst stock rotates.

Securiflex have been working towards CPR since September 2016 and are fully prepared and compliant to the new regulations. 

Please note all cables have fully traceability which will alleviate any doubts you may have regarding dates of manufacture.

During this stock rotation period, Securiflex will not credit or collect any cables that were imported prior to the 1st July that do not carry CPR labelling as this does not fall under the guidelines.

CPR Regulations July 2017

The Constructions Products Regulations (CPR) EN 50575:2014. replaces the Constructions Products Directive (CPD) which lays down European harmonised rules for all fixed construction products including cable.

From 1st July 2017, it will be mandatory for manufacturers to apply the CE mark to their products together with the euroclass it meets.

In the case of cabling the euroclass will only apply to the cables reaction to fire and graded from A-F with (A) giving maximum fire performance. Currently fire resistant cables are excluded from this scheme.

For each group of cables of similar construction, a declaration of performance (DOP) has been created and is available on our website.

Any cables manufactured prior to 1st July 2017 are exempt from the new CPR regulations and there is no time frame in which they have to be used or sold.

This is a European Directive and is required for any cables being installed or sold into the EU. Currently there is no information regarding the effect Brexit will have on this Directive.

If you require a DOP for a product you have purchased either call us on 0845 094 0244 or complete the form below and we will be happy to forward a DOP to you.

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