SFX CCTV Coaxial Cable

Even with the introduction of IP cameras coaxial cable is still a preferred choice for many CCTV installers in the security industry. CCTV Coaxial is a simple solution that does not require any additional products such as Baluns to create an image.

Powering CCTV cameras remotely is also ideally suited to a composite style coaxial with additional power cores. From stock we can offer a wide range of composite coaxial cables to include RG59 with various power core sizes dependant on the cable distance required. The industry is also experiencing a higher demand for HD cameras where the clear focus seems to be on high quality coaxial products rather than structured wiring.

Products in the section include: RG59, Miniature RG59, RG59 + Power, URM70, URM70 + Power, Low Loss CT100, CT125 & Video Door Entry Composite Coaxial Cables.