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SFX Type 3 TCCA Range Unscreened Alarm Cable

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Product Code: SFX/8C-PVC
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SFX Type 3 TCCA Range Unscreened Alarm Cable

By far the most popular and cost effective choice for general installations of Intruder alarms.
Manufactured in accordance to BS4737-3.30.
ROHS compliant.

TCCA Conductors, PVC insulated. Colour coded cores. Available in 4,6, 8 & 12 cores. Various sheath options to include PVC, LSF, Duct Grade and Direct Burial.

Type 3 (TCCA Range)
TCCA Conductors with colour coded PVC insulation and a choice of PVC, LSF, PE or DB outer jacket
Performance Requirements:
Maximum resistance value of 155 Ohms/km.

Securiflex offer fantastic savings for bulk purchasing of this particular product. Pallet rates also available.

SFX Part Code: Cores Weight O/D Colours Available Drum Sizes
SFX/4C-PVC 4 18 3.4 White, Black 100m
SFX/4C-LSF 4 18 3.4 White 100m
SFX/6C-PVC 6 25 4.0 White, Black 100m
SFX/6C-LSF 6 25 4 White, Brown 100m, 200m, 500m
SFX/8C-PVC 8 30 4.2 White, Black 100m
SFX/8C-LSF 8 30 4.2 White, Brown 100m, 200m, 500m
SFX/8C-PE 8 30 4.2 Black 100m, 200m, 500m
SFX/12C-LSF 12 37 5.5 White 100m, 200m
SFX/12C-PE 12 37 5.5 Black 100m, 200m, 500m