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SFX Belden Style Multicore Cable

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Securiflex Belden Style Multicore Cable

SFX Belden Style Multicore Cable

We stock a wide variety of Belden alternative cables to include:
  • Belden Style Unscreened Single Paired Cables
  • Overall Screened Single Paired Cables
  • Screened Triple Data
  • Overall Shielded Cores 24 & 18 AWG
  • Overall Shielded Pairs 24 AWG
  • Individually Shielded Two Pairs 22, 20 AWG
  • Individually Screened Multi-pairs
  • Individually & Overall Screened Two Pairs 22 AWG
  • Individually Screened Pairs (Low Capacitance RS422)
  • Foil and Braid Screened Paired Cables
  • Lighting & Building Control
  • Bespoke Composite Mult-Core Cables
Various sheathing options are available from stock to include LSF, LSZH & external grades.
We can offer an over sheathing / armouring service for any of our standard cables should your installation require extra mechanical protection or resistance to water and chemicals.