Great supplies such as alarm cables, courtesy of Securi-Flex

In a world dominated by electricity and which relies on the performance of technology, it is of the utmost importance that the right cables are readily available for all manner of essential applications.

There are a lot of different cables on the market, which means you need to know exactly which one you need and how it works to ensure you extract the maximum performance from it and any connected devices.

Whether you require an alarm cable, telephone cable or that related to any other technology or gadget, quality is key – and it is quality that you can ensure by purchasing your own cabling from Securi-Flex.

Choosing the best cable for you

Securi-Flex offers a wide range of alarm cable supplies for you to choose from. These are normally used to connect alarm equipment, which can include control panels, sensors and other such low voltage circuits.

The products sold through us are all made in line with the current regulations on cable quality standards, so that you can be sure of only using genuinely certified cables in your security installations. With Securi-Flex, you can be certain of obtaining a cable of truly superior design.

It is thanks to this standard that there are three types of alarm cable currently available from Securi-Flex: Type 1 (Premium Range), Type 2 (Premium Range) and Type 3 (TCCA Range). They all come with a different kind of PVC insulation and choice of outer jacket. The maximum resistance value also varies.

Among the extensive choice of alarm cables in stock at Securi-Flex right now is the SFX Type 3 TCCA Range Unscreened Alarm Cable, which is by far the most popular choice for the installation of intruder alarms. Products such as this one are very cost effective and we can even offer some great savings when you purchase it in bulk.

Why choose Securi-Flex?

Securi-Flex has been offering its cabling-related services for well over 15 years now and is, in fact, a leader in the importation and distribution of specialist communication cables within the United Kingdom. We have put this experience to good use, making sure to supply only the best products at competitive prices and maintaining a good standing with our customers.

If you are interested in the services offered by Securi-Flex and would like to find out more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us today so that a member of our team can help.

Why choose fibre optic cabling?

Securi-Flex is the leading provider of fibre optic cable supplies – if you are well-versed on the subject, it’s highly likely that you’ll already be aware of the benefits of such cabling over the copper alternatives.

If not, or if you need a refresher course, Securi-Flex is here to help.

What are the advantages of fibre optic cabling over copper cabling?

• It’s less expensive – in the long run, anyway. Fibre optic cabling requires less maintenance and less networking hardware, which equates to a lower overall cost than copper cabling.
• It’s much safer – fiber optic cabling does not radiate signals, which makes it much more difficult to tap. It is also immune to many environmental factors that can affect copper cabling, such as temperature or water damage.
• It’s designed much better – fibre optics are thinner and more lightweight than copper cable, which gives you much more flexibility and makes for much easier handling.

What can fibre optic cabling be used for?

Fibre optic cables can be found practically everywhere.

They can be used in various forms of media, with cable TV companies, for example, using them for broadcasting, Internet, video on-demand and many other applications. Similarly, fibre optic cables are also used in networking and telecommunications, such as for phones and/or the sharing of hard drives with other people.

Slightly more obscure uses for fibre optic cables include those of a medical nature, such as imaging tools or lasers for surgeries, and in the defence/government sector, like wiring in aircrafts and submarines.

Only buy your own fibre optic cabling from Securi-Flex

Whatever reason it is that you require fibre optic cabling, there is no better place to purchase it from than Securi-Flex. We have over 15 years’ experience in the cabling industry, and have quickly risen to become one of the UK’s leading cable suppliers.

We provide a wide array of cable types, including CCTV coaxial cable, alarm cable and telephone cable, but we can also create custom cabling that matches your exact needs and requirements.

For more information about fibre optic cabling or any of the other products that we offer, please feel free to get in touch with the Securi-Flex team.

Enhance your home security with these tips

There seems to be a rise in the number of domestic thefts that occur around winter time, especially just after Christmas when a house is full of brand new items such as electronics, jewellery and even money.

As the country’s leading alarm cable supplier, Securi-Flex knows a thing or two about keeping your home safe and secure. We have therefore compiled a list of handy tips and tricks when it comes to heightening your home’s safety and security.

Check, check, and check again

It never hurts to double-check or even triple-check that all of your doors, windows, gates, sheds and garages are locked before you leave the house. We aren’t necessarily insisting that you check every single one of those things every time you leave for work, but it is very much a case of the more often, the better.

Doors and windows should always be checked at least once a day, as should gates. Sheds and garages should be checked after each use, but there’s no problem with checking on other occasions now and again regardless.

If you have a bike and tend to lock it up outside, or indeed if you lock anything else up outside, ensure that those are secure, too.

Ditch those bad habits

It may be an old wive’s tale of sorts, but leaving your keys near your front door is one of the main things that can attract thieves – if you have a letterbox, that is. A thief could easily use a pole and hook to steal your keys, and then the house is all theirs. To combat this, you should be picky about where you leave your keys – try a cubby hole somewhere away from the front door.

Try not to be lazy and always take your keys out of locks – especially if there is glass situated near the lock. Once the glass is smashed, your keys can be easily reached and used to unlock the door. This is rare, but does happen.

Count on Securi-Flex to supply the best alarm cabling

If all else fails, make sure it’s only Securi-Flex alarm cables that feature in your security system. Should the worst occur, you will have to depend on your alarm system alerting you to any intrusion into your home in sufficient time.

For more information about alarm cabling or on keeping your home secure, feel free to get in touch with our experienced and capable team here at Securi-Flex today.

Something exciting is happening at Securi-flex…

As you’re likely already aware, Securi-flex has grown from its humble roots into the UK’s leading alarm cable supplier, fire cable supplier, CCTV cable supplier, and all-round cable stockists.

We’re constantly growing and expanding, hence the exciting announcement of a new 1000 sqft hub in Gloucestershire.

What’s wrong with the old hub?

Absolutely nothing. The main purpose of our new Gloucestershire hub is to greatly increase our service levels. We’re currently based in West Sussex, but adding this other hub means customers near Birmingham, Oxford, and the rest of the South-east will be able to collect products much, much easier (especially if you need a product quickly), and will also receive deliveries much quicker.

If you’re lucky enough to live within a 20-mile radius, delivery is free of charge, the same if you spend over £200. If you live in Scotland or the Highlands, there’ll be no surcharge should you choose to order from us.

The new hub is located just 2 minutes away from Junction 12 on the M5, and is open Monday to Friday, 8:00-17:30.

You’ll be happy to hear that this hub is the first of a future plan to open many more hubs across the nation as we flourish.

Why choose Securi-flex?

We have over 15 years’ experience in the cabling industry, and have developed close relationships with leading cable manufacturers throughout; this allows us to stock the highest quality products for the lowest price possible.

Securi-flex stock cables that cover a wide range of industries, including CCTV, telecommunications, security, data, and fire. 

If you can’t find the exact cabling you’re looking for, we’ll happily do our utmost to create custom cabling, tailored precisely to your needs – so don’t hesitate to ask. We can also add extras to your cabling on request, including extra armouring, braiding, or over-sheathing.

Worried about finance? Don’t be. We offer a range of payment options, including the opportunity to open a credit account with us.

For more information on our lovely new Gloucestershire hub, or on what Securi-flex can do for you when it comes to cabling, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.

Why else should you consider Securi-Flex for your next cabling purchase?

We often state the importance of having fully-functioning cabling in your home or area of business, but why should you specifically buy with Securi-Flex instead of elsewhere?

Here at Securi-Flex, we have been one of the leading cable retailers in the UK for over 15 years now. Be it alarm cable supplies, CCTV accessories, or telephone cabling, we stock all of the cabling essentials you’ll ever need.

The highest standard of cabling for the lowest price possible

Securi-Flex believes that safety and efficient communication, among other things, shouldn’t have to cost you the world. We only stock products from manufacturers that we trust. As well as ensuring that our stock includes the latest in innovative cabling technology, it means that we can sell our products for a fair price.

Customer service you won’t find anywhere else

We always aim to go the extra mile with our clients. There’s no minimum order and for orders over £200, you get next day delivery for free.

When ordering, please don’t hesitate to inform us about any more specific requirements you may have; we’ll do our utmost to adapt our products and service to these needs, whether that involves dispatching an order across multiple branches of a workplace or discreetly and directly to one site.

What’s on offer?

We stock a wide range of cabling, so there’s no excuse not to make your next purchase with us. We stock cabling for security, such as CCTV and alarm systems, fire, TV, home automation and electrical contracting, among others.

As well as cabling, we stock a range of accessories that will nicely compliment your purchase, including cable management accessories, data cabinets and a series of connectors and adaptors.

Our seasoned and capable team can even create bespoke cabling, customised exactly to your needs. We can create pretty much anything, so don’t hesitate to ask. Extras can also be added to your cables on request, including extra armouring and braiding or over-sheathing.

For more information on Securi-Flex or any of our specific products, feel free to contact our team today.

CCTV cables from the UK’s leading cable supplier

CCTV is frequently essential in security, whether it is installed for a residential, commercial or retail environment. It is because of this that properly-functioning CCTV cabling is also crucial.

Here at Securi-Flex, we are one of the leading CCTV cabling and CCTV accessories suppliers, largely thanks to our range of innovative CCTV coaxial cables. In recent times, we have adapted the range to cater to the ever-heightening demand for HD cameras.

What items make up our range?

Coaxial cables offer several advantages over other forms of cabling. Coaxial (or simply coax) is able to transmit large amounts of data at high speeds, making it ideal for CCTV systems. Coax is also often protected by a thick layer of rubber, which lessens the likelihood of any damage.

Coax also doesn’t require any additional products, such as baluns, to create an image. As buyer of such cables, you will save money as well as space.

We are proud to stock an industry-leading range of CCTV cables. Among our products in this category are video and door entry composite cables, which have been designed to save time during installation, as well as high temperature RG cables, which have been conceived for use in high temperature environments without sustaining damage. We also stock miniature RG cables, which are normally used for short distance cabling.

As well as CCTV cables, Securiflex offers cabling for telephones, speakers, alarms and many more applications. We also stock fire resistant cables and accessories, fibre optic cabling and a range of accessories for all of the cabling that we stock.

Over 15 years’ experience in the cabling industry

Securi-Flex was founded back in 1998, and quickly grew to become one of the UK’s leading importers and distributors of the SFX range of cabling products.

We only stock products from known and trusted manufacturers for the utmost safety, technological innovation and quality. However, we are also determined to charge the lowest prices possible for cables of such a remarkable standard.

To learn more about our range of CCTV cabling products or any of our other products, or if you have any other general queries, don’t be afraid to contact our helpful team today.

Get the high quality sound you deserve with Securi-Flex speaker cables

Installing a new sound system in your home and stocking up on your favourite albums to play can prove disappointing if your speaker cables are of low quality. As one of the UK’s leading speaker cable suppliers, Securi-Flex believes that having safe, high quality cabling in your home shouldn’t have to cost the world.

We offer both a budget and professional range of SFX speaker cable supplies, depending on your needs and the amount of money you are willing to part with. Our professional range is manufactured from oxygen-free copper, which offers low resistance and the highest quality sound performance possible.

If you are feeling a bit stuck for choice or unsure where to start with speaker cables, the most popular of the lot is the 2 Core LSZH Speaker Cable. This cable is RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant, as is its 4 Core cousin. Both the 2 and 4 Core models come with a LSOH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) outer jacket and are chalk-free.

The Budget Grade Speaker cable is ideal for fixed installations and for connecting sound systems to speakers. This cable is available in three sizes, in from stock on 100m reels. Consisting of two multi-stranded conductors laid in parallel, the cable is webbed in the centre for easy separation.

For high-end domestic sound installations, we recommend the SFX Professional Grade Speaker cable. A high number of oxygen free pure copper strands and low resistance makes for the utmost in sound performance and a must for any audiophiles out there.

Whatever option catches your eye, you can feel safe in the knowledge that Securi-Flex only stocks the safest and most efficient cabling and accessories. With over 15 years’ experience in the cabling industry, we have slowly established ourselves as one of the leading cabling suppliers in the UK, Ireland and Europe.

As well as speaker cables, we stock alarm cables, telephone cables, cables used for data, fibre optic cables and many, many more attractive options. We take pride in our generous stock at any one time, as well as in our highly responsive customer service and competitive prices. For more information on our speaker cable supplies or for any advice regarding installation or maintenance, contact our team today.

Make the switch from copper cabling to fibre optic

Securi-Flex is one of the most trusted fibre optic cable suppliers in the United Kingdom. With an extensive range of cabling to let you make the leap from traditional copper wiring to the high standards provided by fibre optic, we’re well placed to provide everything that you need.

Our fibre optic cable types include:

  • SFX Tight Buffered Fibre Optics: Our basic fibre optic is constructed from colour coded buffered fibres and is covered in water resistant and rodent protected strength members. It is suitable for both internal and external use.
  • SFX Loose Tube Internal/External: Constructed around a silica gel filled tube that contains up to 24 colour coded cores.
  • SFX Corrugated Steel Tape Armour (CST): Available with 4-24 cores packed in a gel filled tube for enhanced moisture resistance. Aramid yarn or fibre glass covers the tube, with a final steel tape providing total protection.
  • SFX Steel Wire Armour (SWA): Standard loose tube cables are packed into a flexible fibre glass water blocking strength member with a LSZH jacket that boasts an over-armour of steel members. Perfect for direct burial.

Upgrading from traditional copper cabling to any of these fibre optic cables will come with a range of benefits that makes the investment more than pay for itself.

Here’s why you should make the switch from copper to fibre optic:

  • Speed: Fibre optic cables send information at close to the speed of light – in fact, at only around 31% slower.
  • Less Attenuation: Fibre optic is perfect for sending information over long distances since it experiences less signal loss than copper cabling.
  • No Electromagnetic Interference: Copper wiring will often produce electromagnetic currents if not properly installed. This means that it will interfere with other wiring, wreaking havoc on your network. Fibre optic cables do not conduct electricity, so this isn’t a problem.
  • No Risk of Fire: Since fibre optic cabling does not conduct electricity, it does not present a fire hazard.
  • Impressive Durability: Fibre optic cables don’t break as easily as copper ones, despite the fact that they are made of glass.

If you need a fibre optic cable supplier, you’ve found what you’re looking for in Securi-Flex. Just contact one of our team today for further information.

Alarm cables – more important than often realised

Alarm cables are among the most vital forms of cabling that we stock. Although we rarely acknowledge them on an everyday basis, alarms are important for the safety of anyone who uses your premises, and could even save lives.

What’s all the fuss about?

Alarms are an essential part of any building, be it a residential property, shop or other commercial or organisational premises.

Shockingly, for a large percentage of UK homes, fire alarms are present but the occupants don’t choose to use them. Such alarms are often disabled by occupants due to them repeatedly sounding while they are cooking. Burglar alarms can also be set off randomly.

Although it is jarring and inconvenient for alarms to sound without any actual danger, it is a small price to pay to ensure the utmost safety. After all, if a similar situation takes place at a factory or other large commercial or industrial premises, the too-late discovery of a fire can be life-threatening on an even bigger scale.

That’s why a fully functioning and active alarm system is so important.

What alarm cables do we offer?

Alarm cable is used for connecting alarm equipment including sensors, control panels and other low voltage circuits.

We stock three types of cable, manufactured in accordance with the new BS4737-3.30 standard;

  • Type 1(Premium Range) – tinted copper conductors housed in colour coded LSZH insulation, with an LSZH outer jacket. This type has a maximum resistance value of 100 Ohms/km
  • Type 2(Premium Range) – tinted copper conductors with colour coded PVC insulation and a choice of PVC, LSF, PE or DB outer jacket. This type also has a maximum resistance value of 100 Ohms/km
  • Type 3(TCCA Range) – TCCA conductors with colour coded PVC insulation and a choice of PVC, LSF, PE or DB outer jacket. This type has a maximum resistance of 155 Ohms/km

We stock a range of screened and unscreened alarm cables that correspond to these types. No matter which product you choose to purchase from us, it will be made from the highest quality materials by trusted manufacturers.

With more than 15 years’ experience in the cabling industry, Securi-Flex is one of the leading alarm cable suppliers in the UK and Europe. As well as alarm cabling, we stock cables for data, security, telecommunications, TV and home automations, including fireproof cables. Cabinets and other accessories are also available from our large UK stock holding.

For more information on Securi-Flex and what we stock, please feel free to get in touch with our seasoned, friendly and capable team.


Securi-Flex: one of the most trustworthy fire cable suppliers

When catering for our wide range of customers and clients, quality, safety and affordability are of the utmost importance. That’s why we stock such a wide array of fire cable supplies, including accessories.

The fire cable supplies that we stock

The fire cables we stock are mainly used in fire alarm systems and emergency lighting systems. The importance of having a working fire alarm should be obvious already, and our full range of fire-resistant cables will make sure your premises are safe when that safety is needed most.

Perhaps the most important fire cable supplies in our range, we stock both a standard (PH30) and enhanced (PH120) cable that can be used in most fire alarm and emergency lighting systems.

Meanwhile, our SFX fire resistant data and coax cable allows data transmission to continue even in the event of a fire. Its compatible with all known connection systems according to EN 50173, having also passed BS 5839:2002 test protocols.

Also available is the SFX mineral insulated cable, and for the ultimate protection against fire, SFX armoured cable.

We also stock a range of fire cable accessories. We recommend the use of our Copper P Clips and Saddles and Stainless Steel Cable Ties with our fire resistant cables, and our store even stocks SFX glands.

Please remember that plastic cable clips or ties shouldn’t be used with fire performance cables in any circumstances.

Our present, wider stock also includes cables and accessories for CCTV, data, telecommunications, electrical contract, TV, satellite and home automation, as well as data cabinets and their own related accessories.

Can’t see what you need?

Also available from us is a bespoke cable service, should you be unable to find the exact product that you require. We can add extra armouring, over-sheath cables to change their colour or add to their strength, among many more potential services.

Securi-Flex was founded in 1998, and is now one of the UK leaders in the supply and distribution of cables. With more than 15 years’ experience, the latest and most innovative manufacturing technology and a high standard of customer service, we are a truly dependable company in our field.

Feel free to contact Securi-Flex today for further information or advice on our complete range of highly rated fire cable supplies and accessories.